The BEAM MACHINE is a simple
attachment that converts any chainsaw into a portable sawmill.
Cut hundreds of dollars in lumber from raw wood for just pennies in gasoline.


How does it work?

To use it, just set your chainsaw bar in it's special clamp and tighten two set screws, then nail a 2 x 4 on a log. Position the saw and mill on the 2 x 4, and cut away. The BEAM MACHINE® slides along the 2 x 4 guide making a straight first cut. Roll the log 90° before making the next cut. After the fourth cut you have a beam.

Saws Boards Too!

Any size board can be cut with the BEAM MACHINE®. Just move the 2 x 4 over the desired amount and saw off a board. Full instructions are included with each unit.

A Sturdy Tool

  • Quickly attaches to any chain saw bar. "Safety Bite" clamp (A) holds securely onto the bar.
  • An ordinary 2" x 4" nailed to the log provides the path for the guide (B). The unique dog teeth (C) work with a rolling action (D) to walk the chain saw easily down the log.
  • Repeat the process on four sides; you have a square beam. Other cuts are just as easy.

Eliminates "chainsaw fatigue"

The Beammachine's exclusive dog-tooth pivoting action takes most of the strain out of sawing because it supports the weight of the saw and provides a smooth, leveraged swing motion. You can square one side of a 12-foot beam in about 5 minutes.

Like the best of inventions
the BeamMachine
® is
a simple device that's
easy to use!

you can use your chainsaw to saw a 6 x 6 beam from a log

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Building a log cabin?

This mill lets you square two sides of a log fast, making a tight fit easy to achieve. It is also used extensively in Log Home building to cut out windows, doors and trimming roof edges. It is also used to edge-trim and rip larger boards/slabs from salvage or other larger mills. The BEAMMACHINE® was developed by a imaginative inventor who found himself in the bush with a chainsaw and in need of a board.

Pays for Itself

This tool can pay for itself in only a few minutes. The BEAM MACHINE® and a medium sized chainsaw can saw a 12 ft. 6 x 8 fir beam in less than a half an hour. Price that out at your local lumber yard. The biggest savings are in larger dimensional lumber. Cutting rough-cut 2 x 6 you can definitely save money. You could even sell lumber for extra income!

A Good Deal

The BEAM MACHINE® is not only simple to use - it's also affordable. We are a reliable company and have been manufacturing the BEAM MACHINE® for over fifteen years.


Lifetime Guarantee

If you break or wear out your BeamMachine ® , mail it back and we will send you a new one free.

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from figure 1.0
(A) - Safety clamp that holds onto the chainsaw bar.

(B) - Guide for a 2" x 4" that is simply nailed to the log.

(C) - Teeth to make for easy movement down the log.

(D) - Rolling ability for comfort and ease of use.

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